Gas Types

Our sensors utilise one of three different technologies to detect the different families of gases __________________________________________________________________


Methane            0-20 %LEL
LPG                  0-20 %LEL
Hydrogen           0-20 %LEL
Petrol                0-20 %LEL


Methane            0-100% LEL
LPG                  0-100% LEL
Hydrogen           0-100% LEL
Petrol                0-100% LEL
Acetylene          0-100% LEL
Styrene             0-100% LEL


Ammonia               0-300 ppm
Carbon Monoxide    0-300 ppm
Hydrogen Sulphide  0-100 ppm
Nitrogen Monoxide  0-100 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide
Oxygen                  0-25% vol
Sulphur Dioxide      0-100 ppm
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%LEL     Percentage of the 'Lower Explosive Limit'.
              The lower explosive limit is the minimum gas concentration that can
              cause an explosion. The point that which evacuation is usually required
              is set at 20% of the LEL. The actual LEL in terms of absolute gas
              concentration will differ between gas types.

% Vol     The gas concentration in terms of a percentage volume of the ambient

Ppm       Parts per Million. The number of molecules of the target gas in a
              sample of atmosphere containing one million molecules.