CE700 184 Zone control Module


CE700  Wall mounted control unit expandable to 184 zones for use with TS & IR series sensors

The microprocessor central unit is arranged to operate in conjuction with remote units, type CE 380UR which manage 8 sensors each. Central units can be connected to a maximum of 23 remote units allowing for 184 sensors in total.

CE700 central units are available in both wall and rack versions.

compatible with TS Series sensors for toxic, inflammable gases and oxygen simultaneously
Connection to printer (by multiserial card)
Self-driving programming
Backlit display 2 rows x 40 characters
999-event memory

Power supply: 230Vac 50-60Hz
Measuring range: Programmable
Alarm intervention: 3, programmable
Output: 200 relays max
Capacity: 3A (1A) SPDT 230Vac
Geca UK
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